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May 25, 2018
The Key To Happiness
June 15, 2018

A thoughtful Tuesday #TuesdayTip

My trusty Ariat boots are now 4 years old and starting to look a little tired, they've done amazingly well! I look after my my belongings, whether they cost £0.50 or £500 everything is looked after in the same caring way.

I was feeling the usual "money worries" of "how will I afford a new pair, when saddlers and general horse care costs come first?" 🐴 I have been meaning to polish them for a while and keep running out of time, so this evening before heading out to the yard I polished my boots and changed my negative thoughts and worries about money into positive ones. 🦄 There's still life left in these little boots, they still do the job and serve me well for the moment, so for now I will chill and calm the worry. 💛

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