Kirsty Pearce

November 19, 2017

HUSK 3D Shield Air All Purpose Sport Boot

Being a long standing HUSK fan, I felt super lucky to be given the opportunity to try the new HUSK 3D Shield Air All Purpose Sport Boot prior to their release.
November 5, 2017

Five Simple Steps For Feeding In Winter

Feeding in Winter - By Equine Nutritionist, Donna Case. I often get asked how to feed in winter and to be honest as with the rest of the year it really does depend on the individual horse... For some it is an ideal time to focus on weight loss, whilst for others it may be a case of needing to increase the calories to maintain condition. To get you started here are my 5 Simple Steps for feeding in winter:
November 3, 2017

MDC Sport Classic Stirrups

October has been a really enjoyable month reviewing for The Comfy Horse Company. Not that any other month has been boring however, I can't tell you how BIG the smile was on my face, the moment I opened my surprise package at the beginning of October to find two very shiny sleek looking MDC Stirrups! I literally couldn't wait to head up to the yard and put them to the test. You know. The ultimate test of an everyday equestrian. :)
September 25, 2017

Air Hi-Viz Leg Wraps

If you have already come across my previous blog last week, you will know how important I feel it is to make sure both horse and rider are very visible whilst on the roads.