Bug Soother Equestrian

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August 5, 2019
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March 14, 2020

Bug Soother Equestrian

In the "mist"of it all.

It's the height of summer and prime time for fly spray use! Once both horses were patch tested fine, there were no flies on us... in the field or out hacking!

Bug Soother is an all-natural essential oil only, anti-inflammatory skin and bite balm, as well as a highly-effective feet free spray insect repellent which is suitable for use on horse and rider. #Bonus


Short and smelling sweet

The 100ml bottle certainly went a long way with use on both horses, and this must be nicest smelling fly spray that I have ever used! Usually they are very citrus strong and I brace myself with my eyes closed if I am down wind of the spray, but Bug Soother smells sweet and feels soft on your skin, unlike acidic feeling citrus sprays.

At first I was spraying directly onto the horses coat, but after reading the directions for use I found spraying onto a mitt first and then rubbing over the horses coat as a base layer worked far better! I would then top up with a spray layer, later in the day if needed which created instant insect relieve for them. Flies and midges literally hover around them and immediately fly away! Both horses were noticeable calm and relaxed once they had been covered in Bug Soother.


The perfect addition to any tack room for horse and rider

It's so nice to have a product that doubles up for horse and rider which is sensitive enough to spray over mosquito bites or stings to soothe and relieve discomfort. It's by far the kindest and most effective fly spray that I have used.


Take me to Bug Soother :)

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