November 5, 2017

Five Simple Steps For Feeding In Winter

Feeding in Winter - By Equine Nutritionist, Donna Case. I often get asked how to feed in winter and to be honest as with the rest of the year it really does depend on the individual horse... For some it is an ideal time to focus on weight loss, whilst for others it may be a case of needing to increase the calories to maintain condition. To get you started here are my 5 Simple Steps for feeding in winter:
January 23, 2018

Sacroiliac Joint Disease – Our Journey Six Years On

This particular blog has been written about a subject really close to my heart...It's really important to me that I share my story with fellow equestrians in a bid to try and change peoples perceptions of Sacroiliac Joint Disease in horses.
October 19, 2018

Lets Get “Reflective” On Hacking Safety

Lets get "reflective" on hacking safety! It's really important to think about reflective wear and what colour suits our hacking surroundings. As a rider who spends a lot of time hacking on country lanes, being seen and standing out is something I feel very passionate about! It's quite apparent that although riders are more aware of the importance of being seen, and less worried about the old fashioned stigmatism of not looking "cool," they are missing some major factors that need to be taken into consideration whilst choosing the appropriate reflective wear.