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January 23, 2018
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May 25, 2018

My latest review is of the Epiony Heat Pad

It was perfectly timed from The Comfy Horse to send such a well received product to review with the recent overstayed cold weather.

The Epiony heat pad is made from a lovely soft, flexible material which contours to the horse’s shape where ever it's placed. Lizzy has really enjoyed trialling the pad, she falls asleep every time she wears it. The Epiony Heat Pad had a lot of use whilst Lizzy was in for a week due to snow to try to keep her comfortable due to her Sacroiliac Joint Disease. Standing in isn't ideal for her and causes a lot of stiffness, more so than normal horses.


I found the battery charges pretty quickly and lasts for a good few uses if on the medium heat setting. It would be a brilliant piece of kit for away shows as the charge would last you a couple of days of not more, depending if you used one of the lower settings. I also love the fact it can be used on people, I took advantage of this and used it for my shoulder where often get pain from a stiff joint in my neck. The heat pad proved very successful with helping to relax the muscles around the area to enable me to regain full movement in my neck on the days it was sore, especially when riding so not to cause problems with my position when I’m feeling uncomfortable, enabling full movement again before riding keeping me supple, and helping the horses to do the same. I feel comfortable using the heat pad on Lizzy, knowing that the battery had a safety feature, preventing the pad from overheating. I totally love this product just as much as the horses do!



The heat pad is very versatile. I used it just behind her withers a lot (which she loved). I also used it over her lumbar and sacral area under a rug whilst supervised to relieve any tightness or soreness around the sacroiliac area. The sursingle strap has plenty of adjustment, fitting Lizzy being a deep 16hh as well as a 14hh pony who tried the heat pad too. The waist belt is also a huge bonus, providing more ways for the heat pad to be fitted to Lizzy around her neck and as well as myself.


The product feels robust, lightweight, and made of material that serves its purpose well. The canvas carry bag it comes in is very smart and strong. The zip is good quality and the handy handle (excuse the pun) has been made for purpose too.

Ease of use:

Very easy and versatile fit. I’ve mainly used the sursingle fitting to use the heat pad over Lizzy's back and lumbar area which is very easy to adjust. The instructions to turn on the power and adjust the heat settings are very simple, clear and easy to follow.

I chose to keep the Epiony Heat pad when the trial had finished as it's become one of my staple items to use on a regular basis.


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