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EquiLove Demi Poll Pad

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June 24, 2019
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August 9, 2019

I have been using the EquiLove Demi Poll pad since their first generation products were launched, even before EquiLove were online!

So, it's fair to say that Lizzy, Charlie and I have most certainly put the product to the test for a good while now!

Whats so lovely about the EquiLove brand, is that they always strive to improve the fit of their products by listening to their customers, meaning the Demi Poll pad has gone through a few different generations of redevelopment.

Personally, I am a creature of habit and had used my first generation Demi Poll Pad on Lizzy for a good couple of years before changing to the latest shape pad that is now known as the DP2. I'm not going to lie to you, I was really happy with the original one, why change something if it works perfectly fine?! I'll tell you why...

The new pad is beautifully contoured to fit most shaped bridle head pieces and with it's cleverly designed lipped edge, it cradles the head piece securely keeping the leather from touching the sensitive parts of the horses poll and behind their ears. It securely fastens in place with neat velcro tabs, making the pad not only discrete but easy to detach and reattach to the bridle.


Why we use the EquiLove Demi Poll Pad

I was introduced to the product by a good friend of mine who is also the founder of EquiLove, this was before EquiLove even had a name! If any of you know the amazing lady being the brand, you will know how in tune with horses she is, and how the comfort and happiness of horses is paramount.

It was only by chance that I started using the Poll Pads, Ollie had one she had made on the yard with her one day, and me being me who loves a little bit of conversation asked her what it was! Ever the generous and kind lady that Ollie is, she offered me to try it with Lizzy, and since that day I have used the Demi Poll Pad on Lizzy's bridle, and now Charlie has one too!

Knowing the horses are as comfortable as possible whist wearing their bridles, make me happy whilst in the knowledge that they are protected from any unnecessary pressure.


Each and every product is beautifully handmade in-house by EquiLove.

Their stock is closely monitored and quality control checked, ensuring the same handmade high standard of quality runs through every product sent out.

Not forgetting their beautiful packaging that delicately cradles your order whilst it makes it's journey to you.

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