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HUSK 3D Shield Air All Purpose Sport Boot

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November 5, 2017
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HUSK. have really hit the nail on the shoe, so to speak when it comes to the ultimate in equine breathable boot design.


Since the launch of the superior brand that is known as The HUSK. I have used only their products on my mare Lizzy. In my eyes, no other boot compares when it comes to keeping her legs cool and protected, alongside many other factors. You may notice that my images show no logo on the boots and this is the reason why; Being a long standing HUSK user, I felt honoured to be given the opportunity to try the new HUSK. Titan range 3D Shield Air All Purpose Sport Boot and No Spin Over Reach Boot, prior to their release in November! Over time HUSK have listened to customer feedback and developed their products which have evolved into something even more special than when they launched their first generation of breathable equine leg wear. I have watched the brand grow from the beginning to what it is today, knowing that the welfare of the horse is at the forefront of their company values, it makes me feel really excited for the future ahead of such a forward thinking brand!

Lizzy modelling The HUSK. Titan range 3D Shield Air All Purpose Sport boot and 3D Shield Air no spin over reach boot.

From an everyday equestrian perspective.

I may not be a international rider, we may not be training for next season, but what I am is an everyday equestrian who wants the best for my horse regardless of the level of training we do. We've had our competition time and now enjoy a more relaxed way of life with five days a week of varied work, with the aim to just be happy and content. Lizzy has an injury which means our competition career was cut short however, she is not one to retire and LOVES to work so we do what she is now capable of, which is still a quite a lot in all honesty.

Lizzy and I have been putting these boots through their paces with regular hacking on road and bridleways, which at this time of year are sometimes muddy. We are also in the school 4 times a week, either in-hand, long-lining, schooling and weekly pole work sessions, and with the rain we have had recently our school has been quite wet at times creating lovely sticky, sandy legs to be dealing with. Thankfully The HUSK. boots have made life far easier in regards to boot and leg maintenance with a drying time of just 30 minutes so they are ready to use the next day, as well as keeping Lizzy's legs totally dry and sand free where the boots have been!


Why choose HUSK?

If you are looking for a super lightweight boot that is easy to maintain with a well thought out deign that is shaped to the contours of the horses leg, then HUSK. ticks all the boxes. I can ride through muddy puddles out hacking, school on a wet sandy arena surface, ride in torrential rain and these boots still come back sitting where I placed them when they were first put on. If it's been a damp day I simply shake off any excess sand that may have stuck to them and find Lizzys legs cool, and totally dry from under the boot.


Other brands can come up super long, horses potentially run the risk of standing on the back of them whilst jumping causing them to trip or fall which can be dangerous, personally making The HUSK. over reaches safer to use in my own perspective.


The most versatile boot on the market!

The 3D Shield Air All Purpose Sport boot can be worn one of two ways - It can be fitted to either protect tendon or medial aspect of leg, which is ideal to use as an everyday schooling boot or the boot can be turned round round to protect the back of the tendon for fast work and jumping/polework. The boot has two mesh layers allowing airflow but there is now an added external third impact shield layer which is designed to take the initial impact, still in keeping with allowing airflow through the entire boot. The velcro has been upgraded and the boot designed with two horizontal straps and one added vertical fastening over the top for added security. The image above show how well the boot contours to the shape of Lizzys leg, providing protection where it's needed.

I rate The Shield Air All Purpose Sport Boot 10/10

The reason for my rating is due to the boot having a two way fit, full airflow throughout the boot, super fit lightweight design, making them one of the best investments you can make to your horse.

HUSK logo

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