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HUSK Breathe Saddle Pad

The VIP Pad
August 29, 2017

Breathable, light weight and my horse is comfortable. A product that really does perform how you need it to!

I feel very fortunate to have been part of The HUSK journey from the beginning. It soon became very apparent that Lizzy's boot and saddle pad wardrobe appeared to be none other than HUSK.

With their unique innovative design, The HUSK are a very forward thinking brand who listen to their customer feedback and strive to improve their designs all of the time where possible. I have found nothing else on the market quite like The HUSK breathe saddle pad, I am unable to clip Lizzy, so not only does it keep her beautifully cool in the summer months, but also cool in the colder months when she has her full winter coat.



A few of my favourite features of the HUSK Breathe saddle pad

1. The pad doesn't loose it's shape and with it's cushioning effect it offers impact protection.

2. Contours to the horses back perfectly as demonstrated in my video that can be found further down the blog page.

3. Super lightweight and practically comes out of the washing machine dry! No more waiting days' for your saddle pad to be dry enough to use again. #TimeSaving

4. Helps to reduce heat bumps and keeps Lizzy sweat free and comfortable.

5. The saddle pad is always ready to be worn for the next training session, no more damp saddle pads in the tack room.


Winter coat - no sweat after schooling

Summer coat - no sweat after schooling

The HUSK fabric is light, airy and fully breathable, through the entire pad.

There isn't really too much more I can say as the product really speaks for itself.

I would however, like to add that not only do HUSK manufacture and design products that really do have our horses welfare in mind, they are also a fabulous company to deal with direct and have a great reputation with their customers.

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