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Keeping Life Simple

A Moment of Quiet & A Cup of Tea
September 9, 2018
Your Best Is Good Enough
September 22, 2018

Keeping Life Simple

Young Horses ❣ Its been 12 years since Lizzy was classed as a young horse and in that time she has grown to be wise. Very wise. 🦄

When Charleston came into our lives six months ago, I knew he was going to be less challenging than Lizzy, and although I never expected to have another horse, let alone a youngster, I can't tell you how glad I am of the opportunity given to me.💛

He is a fairly laid back lad and had a super start in life which has given us a very good start to our journey. The fitter he has become, the more his personality has shone through. 🐴 This evening I had planned to ride, not giving it any thought about the high wind, 🌬 even when people seemed surprised I had decided to ride. We ventured into the school and it was then I was presented with a rather spooky Charlie! 💫 He is such a good boy that its easy to sometimes forget he is young. I have to check myself when he gets a little flighty and remind myself to go back to basics and make things simple. 🐎

So basic we did. In-hand work, establishing personal space, asking little questions with big rewards to make succeeding easy for him. Although I knew he would probably be fine, I wasn't going to get on-board until he settled. He did eventually settle so I decided to get on and walk a few laps in the gale force winds. 🌪 We past the banners on the side of the school that were flapping about, all whilst he stayed relaxed and confident, unlike the begenning of our session when he was a little upset. I could have got on and made him work hard but sometimes its knowing the fine line between what some would class as, letting them get the better of you or, rewarding them for relaxing and being obedient. Lunging to get rid of excess energy can be useful, but I prefer to give my horses the opportunity to cope with their emotional reactions to things that may unsettle them with lateral ground work.

Young horses need good experiences to gain confidence and stay willing to learn. 🦄 We are still learning about one another and I am trying to really listen to him, and find ways that suit him for our training. I do a lot of ground work with both Lizzy and Charlie and its interesting at how different they both are to work with. Both very rewarding at the same time. To ride they are total chalk and cheese but I love them both being so different, for they teach me so much!💛

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