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Kerrits Microcord Breeches

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November 19, 2017
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The breeches that feel as though they are hugging your legs.


That may sound silly but it's the best way I can describe how they feel when I put them on.

November has mostly been spent reviewing the Kerrits Microcord Breeches from The Comfy Horse Company. Usually, Lizzy gets to try out the products but for this month it was my turn. First things first, if you read my blogs regularly you may be aware that it's no secret that I am quite a petite person, so with this in mind I have reviewed the breeches in a size XS. I can usually tell when holding breeches up at a first glance if they will fit me or not, so I was delighted when I first tried them on and they fitted PERFECT!


Comfortable and super supportive.

When I say perfect, I mean perfect. Perfect in leg length and around the waist, as well as fitting over my hips. I may be small but a lot of the waist bands on pull on breeches won't go any further than half way up my thighs. The Microcord breeches have the perfect amount of elastication on the waist band so that they aren't a struggle to get on. I am also rather particular about the way clothing fits me as it has previously been a challenge to find breeches of the right leg length. Thankfully equestrian fashion has evolved and is still dramatically developing clothing to suit all shapes and sizes in beautiful stretchy and supportive technical fabrics. Kerri's really have the right balance when it comes to fit, with room for adjustment for most figure shapes.

Less is more.

Less really is more when it comes to breeches nowadays. Gone are the days of heavy restricting fabrics that pull across your knees and you then find yourself standing up out of the saddle to pull your breeches up your legs, to allow your knees to bend. The Kerrits Microcord breeches allow freedom of movement at all times, still giving you the support of confidence around your muscles whilst in the saddle as well as on the yard. They are the first pair of breeches that I will actually sit on the sofa and comfortably keep on around the house. Usually I can't wait to change out of my breeches once home and into less restricting clothing.


Key features.

Gripstretch Suede detail belt loops.
Gripstretch Suede knee patches, giving that added security in the saddle.
Four way stretch compression fabric which smooths lines providing slimming coverage as well as supporting of muscles helping to reduce muscle fatigue.
Pull on breech with no zips or buckles to fasten.


My thoughts on the breeches as an everyday equestrian.

They are really comfortable, supportive and flattering at all times, no matter how long they are worn. I’ve ridden in them on super cold days and although they are more of a mid-weight breech they have kept me warm in temperatures such as 3ºC on an hours hack and whilst being at the yard all afternoon. Overall comfort is the strong point of these breeches with the added bonus of a great fabric that seems to repel hay and straw from sticking, so I still look smart and tidy after mucking out and making up hay nets.


Check out my Instagram account for more images of the Kerrits Microcord Breeches in use.
Thank you to The Comfy Horse Company for the pleasure of being part of their November review team. They have kindly given me an offer code to share with you all which will give you 5% off online by clicking on the link below and using code "Kirsty5". This applies to offers they have online too! x


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