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Polework Exercise – Vlog #6
November 6, 2018
Polework Exercise – Chevron Poles – Vlog #7
February 17, 2019

Life With Lizzy.

The weather was still this evening, it was perfect weather for riding ultra sensitive Lizzy girl. I'm not going to lie, mid week dark evenings riding really doesn't fill me with inspiration. Usually I longline both Lizzy and Charlie once each in the week, one ground work session, and ride both in the light on the weekends.

After yesterdays hack, I was really looking forward to schooling Lizzy this evening. She didn't disappoint. She felt the BEST she has in a long while. She felt fab yesterday too! After being diagnosed with Sacroiliac Joint Disease in 2010, we keep work to what Liz feels comfortable with. With me for life, always. But it can be tough to ride a horse that is so mentally willing and talented, but equally no longer gives you that supple feel of the 4 year old she was 13 years ago. I'm used to her way of going now, but recently I have found myself avoiding schooling her and just sticking to ground work and hacking.

Liz LOVES pole work. She is my polework teamie, and who am I to deny her of something she loves to do. Tonight I planned a little pole work exercise, we worked on leg yield over and through poles on the 3/4 line of the school. EASY PEASY for the school mistress that she is. I need to get thinking of something more challenging for her, which will equally help her lateral work. One thing I have recently changed is, stretching her shoulders before exercise as she now tries to pull herself along rather than pushing from her hinds. Its making a BIG difference for my girl. Tonight she gave me the feel of Lizzy as a 7 year old, soft, supple, relaxed and forward, which is a feeling I haven't had in a very long time from her.

Never give up on those horses who aren't as able, but still SO willing to want to try to show off their talents. #MyHorseOfALifetime

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