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MDC Sport Classic Stirrups

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September 25, 2017
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November 5, 2017

October has been a really enjoyable month reviewing for The Comfy Horse Company.

Not that any other month has been boring however, I can't tell you how BIG the smile was on my face, the moment I opened my surprise package at the beginning of October to find two very shiny sleek looking MDC Stirrups! I literally couldn't wait to head up to the yard and put them to the test. You know. The ultimate test of an everyday equestrian. :)

Now, I always research each product before I start using them, to ensure I am making the most of their full functionality enabling me to provide the most informative review possible for you all. The MDC Sport Classic Stirrup has a patented design that is the adjustable top, that is two preset adjustable settings. They are ultra low profile, still in keeping with a traditional style with an added modern touch. Read on further to view the list of modern features --->


I hadn't realised how much of a difference a pair of stirrups could make to the comfort of riding.

I love the adjustable top that allows for the stirrups to fold away against the saddle as a classic stirrup would when not in use. They really come into their own when in use with the preset adjustable settings. Personally I used the 90-degree angle when riding as I found it to be most suited to my own comfort. My second favourite feature has to be the wide tread. I know I have gone on a lot about this on social media and my vlog, but WOW! I had no idea how much added support and security this would offer me as a rider whilst in the saddle. Short legs on a big bouncy horse means that I can occasionally lose my stirrups when she spooks or unseats me in her exuberance. Since using the MDC Sport Classic Stirrups, this appears to be a thing of the past due to the tread that has enough friction to keep it under the ball of my foot at all times.


The feeling of support in the saddle.

I found when hacking I am no longer getting off after the ride really stiff through my knees and ankles as I was before in my previous bendy but narrow tread stirrups. I think the reason for this is because of the support I have from the MDC tread, which allows me to relax through my ankles and knees whilst in the saddle. Also the trailing edge of the tread adds to the comfort under foot and is fab for locating my stirrup when getting on board. The MDC stirrups also fitted perfectly in my stirrup socks that kept them shiny and out of the cold – which is a bonus for helping with the upkeep of the adjustable top. I did find the adjustable top a little stiff on one of the stirrups, but I had read before use that they may require occasional lubrication. I don’t see this being a down side as it’s simply a little maintenance on a product that has been engineered to have moving parts. the benefits the adjustable top feature offer to me as a rider, far outweigh the minimal time spent keeping the moving parts working. You wouldn’t buy a car and never expect to service it.


Progress starts with a step in the right stirrup.


I have rated MDC Sport Classic Stirrups as a 10/10

Using them for an entire month has been a total pleasure and has made a huge difference in how secure and comfortable I feel in the saddle. I never expected them to make such a big difference as what they have done. I understand that sometimes we over look things such as stirrups when renewing our kit. It does depend on the individual. Some of us will choose a product for it's functionality, or because its a perfect colour match to another item, others may go for safety or price. Personally I think all of them are as important as each other. The MDC Sport Classic ticks all those boxes. They are a great mid range price, with a classic look with modern safety features that match with anything. They are not only designed for the everyday rider like myself but for jumping, dressage and eventing too! :)


Thank you to The Comfy Horse Company for the pleasure of being part of their October review team. They have kindly given me an offer code to share with you all which will give you 5% off online by clicking on the link below and using code "Kirsty5". This applies to offers they have online too! x


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