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April 10, 2018
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Today is the last day of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2018

But that doesn't mean we no longer have to think about our mental health and remember to look after ourselves, as well as being supportive of others around us. Even if that means just being kind and holding your tongue from getting involved with unkind comments about others.

Personally, I have suffered with panic attacks, anxiety and near on agoraphobia from a very young age. Year three at school to be precise. It's something that has shaped me as a person and given me strength over the years to overcome so many fears that were involved with my anxiety. Although they aren't completely removed from my life, I thankfully learnt valuable tools to help overcome to manage my fears and worry, enabling me to offer support to close family and friends when they ask me for help and advice.

I never made my anxiety a secret, and I'm glad for two reasons: 1. Speaking about it made people aware, who then offered me the most amazing support and advice to help me overcome them. 2. It's given me the confidence and tools to enable me to help others who share some of the same experiences as myself.

Never feel ashamed about voicing your fears, worry's or anxiety. The people who may make fun are the people who loose out, they loose out on compassion, life experience, and friendships. You gain so much more as the fear will allow you to grow as a person, become courageous, confident and kind. People who care and want to help far outweigh the ones who may not. The world is full of GOOD people - I promise you that! I for one and thankful for suffering with anxiety, for it's taught me how to be the person I am today. xx

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