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Outdoor Adventures Fly Veil

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February 17, 2019
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August 5, 2019

The Outdoor Adventures Fly Veil

Being a member of the Comfy Horse Reviewers Team means I have been very fortunate to try lots of innovate and varied equestrian products over the past couple of years.

One of the most recent products being, a breathable fly veil which has become one of our staple tack room items, receiving lots of compliments and questions from friends who have seen them on the horses personally, or via social media posts.


Lizzy has worn fly veils through the months of March-October for many years now as they prevent her from head shaking as she is not a fan of the tiny little flies around her ears, especially as a lot of our hacking is woodland which is where they all seem to live!


Full size available only however, what has been huge positive to this product is that it fits BOTH Lizzy and Charlie! They wear two different bridle sizes, yet the fly veil fits them both equally as well.

There is a lot to love about the style and fit:

*A large surface area across the sensitive poll area.

*The ears are made of a stretchy material so not to restrict ear movement.

*Breathable mesh material which is not lined, keeping breathability to it's full potential. #NoSweat

*The shape of the fly veil sits beautifully on both horses with a perfect cut away around the eye, sensible length, with slightly weighted material so that it doesn't flap around when in use.



Lightweight material with a robust feel that holds it's shape well without being restrictive. These ears (fly veil) have certainly been put through their paces by being used nearly every day of every week between the two horses, looking as new now as the day they arrived!

Ease of use:

Because the ears are made of a lighter material, they glide over their ears and into place with minimal effort on my part with ear location, even with the size difference between me and the horses. They stay in place at all times with no slipping (tested on two horses personally.)

If you like what you see, you can be sure to find these smart and practical ears over on the Comfy HorseCo website by clicking on the logo link at the bottom of the page:


Press play to view product in use.


Take me to the Fly Veil :) <3

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