#PoleWorkInspo – The Super Star

Pole Work Vlog #7 – Chevron Poles
February 17, 2019
#PoleWorkInspo – The Diagonal
June 23, 2019

⭐The Super Star⭐


So many varied lines to ride across this simple yet effective layout in walk, trot & canter:


Number of poles required: Twenty

A: Trot & Canter

B: Trot & Canter

C: Trot & Canter

D: Trot & Canter

E: Trot & (Canter for established horses)

F: Canter

G: Trot

H: W, T & C

I: Trot


You can use elements of this layout to save putting all twenty poles out alone. Alternatively, get a few of your yard friends together to help with putting the poles out/away and make a yard day of it!

There's something for every horse & rider to try!

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