Equispire Inspired

December 17, 2018

Life With Lizzy

Life With Lizzy. The weather was still this evening, it was perfect weather for riding ultra sensitive Lizzy girl. I'm not going to lie, mid week dark evenings riding really doesn't fill me with inspiration. Usually I longline both Lizzy and Charlie once each in the week, one ground work session, and ride both in the light on the weekends. After yesterdays hack, I was really looking forward to schooling Lizzy this evening. She didn't disappoint.
September 22, 2018

Your Best Is Good Enough

Little reminders - Two minute mindful reads captured from my Instagram grid and recreated here to share with you all. These little reminders are based on my own life experiences that create a moment of mindfulness in which I share to help others take stock of things we sometimes forget during busy times in life.
September 20, 2018

Keeping Life Simple

Young Horses ❣ Its been 12 years since Lizzy was classed as a young horse and in that time she has grown to be wise. Very wise. 🦄 When Charleston came into our lives six months ago, I knew he was going to be less challenging than Lizzy and although I never expected to have another horse, let alone a young one, I can't tell you how glad I am of the opportunity given to me.💛
September 9, 2018

A Moment of Quiet & A Cup of Tea

Theres nothing likes snuggling under a chunky knit blanket feeling a little reflective whilst the TV signal is unexpectidly down. 🍂🌛 I'm not one to sit and do absolutely nothing, being the busy 🐝 that I am, its something I struggle to do.