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A Thoughtful Tuesday
June 12, 2018
Polework Exercise – Triangle Trotting Poles
August 19, 2018

The Key To Happiness

Recently I've been finding my mindset being less than my usual positive self. Its felt like I've been walking around with a very heavy, oversized unicorn sitting on my shoulders. 🦄 I've been ready to cry at anything that didn't go to plan. Admittedly I have been feeling rather tired, allowing worries and emotions to creep in get the better of me. But this isn't ME! I still worry, I am only human after all, but never do I feel like this for as long as I have.

This week I made a conscious effort to reset my mindset back to a much lighter, effortless way of being. As soon as I allowed my thoughts to lighten, my mind opened again and my shoulders felt less weighed down. 💭

Tonight I found a key that I lost over 3 years ago. I was only thinking about this key a few days back. In my midst of allowing myself to relax about life and opening my world again, as opposed to making my world so small and believing things were impossible (I know far better than that) this little beaut appeared just when I needed it. 🗝🦄 Yes its a key that makes life so much more convenient, but its more than that. Finding this little key tonight reminded me that I have, and know exactly how to unlock the big key to happiness. 🗝💛

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