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ThinLine Contour Saddle Pad

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April 10, 2018
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August 19, 2018

The ThinLine Contour Saddle Pad.

Being a fairly long standing member of the Comfy Horse Reviewers Team, I have been very fortunate to try lots of innovate and varied equestrian products.

This month I decided to change things around a little and let Charlie be the horse of choice for my review, giving an all round perspective for the benefit of the lovely people who like to know a little more about the products from an Everyday Equestrians point of view.


The ThinLine pad definitely offered non-slip properties. I used it with AND without a normal saddle pad underneath on a couple of occasions, bearing in mind Charlie is very flat backed, the saddle didn’t move at all on our hour’s hack. He has a huge walk too, so his movement gave the pad some real work to do! I felt secure in the saddle on a very active and round horse using it both ways. The ThinLine Pad offered more surface area coverage than most other non slip/half pads I've previously used over the years, covering all the panels of the saddle with room to spare. Wither room suited him well, although the pad hasn't been designed as high wither, it didn't pull down across his wither when in use. Charlie is only 4 and has recently started his ridden career at the end of last year, so putting the pad on him with nothing else under it was risky at such an early stage of his training, BUT he appeared very comfortable and relaxed whilst ridden which is a big bonus and an obvious positive sign.



Using the regular size ThinLine Pad (two sizes available- regular & large) I found it offers a large surface area under the saddle and covers the length and width of the panels of my 16.6" extra wide width saddle very well.


The ThinLine Pad has a very robust feel due to its material weight. There is a good thickness to the material also, so it doesn’t feel too fragile like some other non-slip pads appear.

Ease of use:

Use with or without a saddle pad. I did make use of the pad both ways with Charlie. It takes minimal adjustment when the saddle is placed on top and stays secure at all times in use even with no straps to hold it in place.

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